Vendors Exchange International continues Giving Machine campaign partnership

2022-10-28 15:19:58 334

Vendors Exchange International Inc., a Cleveland based provider of solutions to the convenience services industry, has continued its partnership with the "Light the World" Giving Machine campaign, according to a press release.

The machines, now available at 28 locations worldwide, allow visitors to purchase goods and services through partnerships with international charities like the American Red Cross, UNICEF and WaterAid. Since 2017, the Giving Machines have raised over $15 million for nonprofit organizations and initiatives worldwide.

Giving Machines allow donors to choose items such as groceries, clean drinking water, vaccines for children, beds, hygiene kits, farming equipment, medical care, job training, educational supplies, livestock and even beehives for charitable donations. Options are available from $5 up to $300.

Along with 17 states throughout the country, this year's Giving Machines will also serve five other countries: Australia, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico and the Philippines. A total of 20 seasonal machines and eight mobile machines will be available to donors through the beginning of January.

"We're thankful to be even a small part of the Giving Machine program and the broader Light the World campaign," Matt Shene, CEO of Vendors Exchange International, said in the press release. "I had the opportunity to stand in front of Giving Machines as individuals used them. In addition to donating to those in need, parents regularly took the opportunity to teach the next generation about the principle of giving."