Focus on touch display chip! Howell Group launched a new brand: Giddish

2022-11-04 15:27:58 326

On August 11, Howei Group held the 2021 Giddes Product Technology Seminar in Shenzhen, officially launched its new independently operated brand - GIGADISPLAY, focusing on the research, development and manufacturing of TDDI and DDIC products in the aftermarket, and competing for the new track of touch and display chips with a more perfect attitude.


Wang Song, Senior Vice President of Howei Group, Liu Yuyang, Managing Director of Geodis and General Manager of Touch and Display Solutions Business Unit, Yin Hang, Director of Product Management Center of Touch and Display Solutions Business Unit, Wang Kai, Senior Director of China R&D Center of Touch and Display Solutions Business Unit, and Wang Sheng, Vice President of Application Engineering Center of Touch and Display Solutions Business Unit, attended the seminar and delivered a keynote speech, The exhibition focused on the brand vision and development strategy of Gideon, and discussed with the participants the technical research and development and market development trend of TDDI and DDIC products in the after-sales maintenance market.

In the entire semiconductor industry, the market demand for driver chips is very large. Especially in recent years, the gradual popularization of the full screen of smart phones has further exploded the demand for integrating TDDI chips with touch and display drivers and DDIC chips driven by display panels. According to the industrial forecast data of CINNO Research, the growth rate of global DDIC (Display Driver IC) market size will reach 56% in 2021, making it one of the most powerful sub industries in the global integrated circuit chip market. While the front loading market is booming, a large number of products pour into the after-sales repair market every year, and the after-sales repair market also has great potential.

Facing the rising market demand and the tide of global chip shortage, Howell Group launched the independently operated brand Giddish on the basis of the existing TDDI front-end market, combining Howell Group's technological resource advantages in the chip field with the advanced experience of Giddish brand in the research and development of back-end TDDI and DDIC products, and covering the TDDI+DDIC product line comprehensively, Utilize forward-looking technology R&D capabilities and continuous innovation genes to achieve industrial link closed-loop and provide customers with better solutions.

In terms of production and R&D, Gideon has internationally leading intelligent display chip technology, which can provide cost-effective driver chips to meet user needs, as well as professional technical support and services. At present, TDDI and DDIC products created by Giddens have the advantages of fast running speed and small size. The MCU architecture adopted can not only effectively reduce costs, but also be more convenient for debugging and developers to use. At the same time, external flash memory and firmware own code also make product updating easier, which can better adapt to the trend of rapid iteration of electronic equipment. In addition, its products also have the characteristics of flexible dimming, excessive uniformity, and can be matched with different display panel types, with a wider range of applications.

In the future, Geodis will improve its product system and architecture through scientific and technological innovation and market practice, and improve the level of design, process and packaging to meet the rising customer demand; Continuously expand the professional team to meet the ever-changing technical challenges, optimize and rely on the mature industrial chain and cooperation system, speed up the layout of the local technical support network, open up the vertical market context in multiple dimensions, constantly refresh the market life cycle, and optimize the after-sales repair market service system.