Summary of the application field of touch screen all-in-one machine. What about the application industry of touch screen all-in-one machine?

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What about the application industry of touch screen all-in-one machine?

On April 14, Beijing time, China Touch Screen Online News, what fields can touch control all-in-one machine be used in? In recent years, with the development of science and technology, a large number of intelligent devices have been increased, and the application of touch control all-in-one machine has been expanded again. At present, the industrial field and commercial field where the touch control all-in-one machine is most widely used have different sizes, functions, materials, and product types according to different use scenarios.

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1、 Banking

For banking business, we don't have to queue at the window anymore. Just select the banking business processing form with the touch integrated machine placed at the bank entrance to get the waiting number, and then go to the window to process business when the number is called by the broadcast or staff What's more, simple and fast banking business now does not need to go to the window for processing with the equal sign. It can be handled on the intelligent touch all-in-one machine. At present, this field is also one of the main battlefields of Huayang Technology all-in-one machine products.


2、 Intelligent self-service equipment

In addition to the use in the industrial field, in recent years, the touch control all-in-one machine has been widely used in unmanned retail self-service devices, smart express cabinets, meal collection cabinets, power exchange cabinets and other smart cabinet devices, especially the 10 inch, 15.6 inch, 21.5 inch and other touch screen all-in-one machine products. A large number of touch screen all-in-one machines of Huayang Technology have been used in the smart cabinet field. Due to the spread of the epidemic, the unmanned self-service devices are again popular, and the demand continues to grow.

GreenTouch technology touch machine

3、 On board control

In the field of automobile manufacturing, the motherboard of on-board display control mainly uses the integrated processor of intelligent industrial control machine, industrial display touch, etc. to effectively improve the touch screen sensitivity, display screen clarity, etc., which is more conducive to the use of car owners.

4、 Industrial robots and service robots

Whether it is an industrial robot or a service robot, the touch control all-in-one machine plays an important role. Especially in recent years, with the development of commercial service robots, various service robots such as meal delivery robots, welcome robots, disinfection and sterilization robots, and distribution robots have come into the market, and then the touch control all-in-one machine products have been widely used in various robot fields. Huayang Technology 10.1 inch and 21.5 inch all-in-one machines have now been used in the service robot field.