LED Bar Frame touchmonitor

2022-06-16 14:56:34 1051

GreenTouch's LED Bar Frame touchmonitor is a touch solution designed for automated information systems, gaming and entertainment, and complements GreenTouch's line of touchmonitors. Based on the "Designed for Touch" philosophy, the 2153M LED bar Touch Monitor delivers the proven GreenTouch professionalism and reliability. Designed and built by GreenTouch, this model has a long life cycle and can supply long-term needs. Even if it is replaced in the future The new generation of LCD panel also does not need to make external changes. The 2153M racehorse adopts the industry-leading GreenTouch touch technology and projected capacitive touch technology. This model has global regulatory agency certification, as well as GreenTouch's warranty and after-sales service. The 2153M Led bar Touch Monitor is a cost-effective touch solution for system integrators and value-added resellers (VARs).2153M LED Frame Touchmonitors are designed for system integrators and value-added resellers (VARs) .

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