How to maintain touch panel

2022-07-13 14:33:39 896

When using touch screens, due to technical limitations and poor environmental adaptability, especially surface acoustic wave screens. The screen cannot be used normally due to water droplets, dust and other pollution, so the touch screen also needs regular maintenance like ordinary machines. And because the touch screen is a touch all-in-one machine that is highly integrated with a variety of electrical equipment. Therefore, good habits should be developed during use and maintenance, and some daily problems should be paid attention to. 

(1) Wipe the screen with a dry cloth before turning it on every day. 

(2) Water droplets or beverages falling on the screen will make the software stop responding. This is because water droplets and fingers have similar characteristics and need to be wiped off. 

(3) The touch screen controller can automatically judge the dust, but too much dust will reduce the sensitivity of the touch screen, just wipe the screen with a dry cloth. 

(4) Use glass cleaner to clean dirty fingerprints and oil stains on the touch screen. 

(5) The simplest anti-mouse mode that is sufficient for the application should be selected, because complex modes need to sacrifice latency and system resources. 

(6) Pure touch screen programs do not need a mouse cursor, and the cursor will only distract the user's attention. 

(7) Turn on and off the power in strict accordance with the regulations.